Pricing Files

Pricing Files

We currently utilizing the 01.15.23v2 pricing. Please contact in order to have the specific price file for any distributor sent out. We send out from the office so that we continue to build and keep our distributor pricing contacts up-to-date to be able to notify them of any changes.

Below are the files that are intended for your use only. These are not to be shared to the distributor directly. We make every effort to insure that each line is correct, however, we are human and there are mistakes at times. Also, please note pricing is subject to change.

We encourage you (your sales team) to receive formal quotes from Cementex via at any time.

Regarding the price file, list price is exactly that, net prices for distributor levels are indicated and the MAP price reflects the minimum advertised price that any distributor may publish (online and in print). In the price file release important Terms and Conditions are on the first tab as well as the Cementex MAP Policy on the second tab.

  • Sales Rep All Distributor Pricing: XLS
  • Sonepar US pricing: XLS
  • Sonepar Special Pricing (only these 5 Irby branches: Wildwood, Chattanooga, Nashville, Syracuse and Fargo): XLS
  • PLATT pricing: XLS

These files are for your use only. Should the file need to be sent to the distributor, please send an email to and be sure to share the contact information and branch(es) information as well. Again, we do this to keep our pricing contacts as updated as possible.

Customer Master Listing

If you do not have a customer master listing or a current listing, please reach out to pricing@cementexusa to request the customers that we have assigned to your sales agency as well as which discounts and benefits they receive.