Telescopic Hot Sticks

Telescopic hots sticks offer long reach, speed, convenience and safety tested 100% per ASTM F-711. Fabricated of reinforced high density electrical grade fiberglass laminate for greater strength and dielectric properties. Cushioned cap protects base end.

Triangle shape enables each section to “lock in automatically” eliminating twisting and turning to lock sections and provides an ergonomic design with a “Better gripping” surface for better control.

Fluorescent tip section is highly visible and has a foam core. All tip sections are 1.15″ diameter.

Larger share shape lock buttons are easy to operate with and without gloves.

Versatility built in by using only the number of sections required. Tool height (length) can be reduced by depressing the lock button and sliding the bottom sections off. Allowing for a lightweight tool to perform the work easier.

Easy disassembly by depressing the lock button and sliding a section, or sections, out without the use of additional tools.

All sections have a smooth glossy surface for routing, cleaning, and waxing. Only one size lock button and spring for replacement needs.

Universal head made of strong aluminum alloy incorporates corona discharge design holds universal attachments securely.

A complete line of tools and attachments for virtually any application, from pruning to cleaning to sawing, is available.

Telescoping Hot Sticks

CPTS-208* – 8′ Extended Length: 1.75″ Base Diameter (26″ Retracted) – 3 lbs.

CPTS-212 – 12′ 7″ Extended Length: 1.45″ Base Diameter (58″ Retracted) – 3.7 lbs.

CPTS-216 – 16′ 9″ Extended Length: 1.61″ Base Diameter (60″ Retracted) – 5.0 lbs.

CPTS-220* – 20′ Extended Length: 1.75″ Base Diameter (62″ Retracted) – 6.4 lbs.

CPTS-225* – 25′ 6″ Extended Length: 1.91″ Base Diameter (64″ Retracted) – 8.1 lbs.

CPTS-230 – 30′ Extended Length: 2.07″ Base Diameter (62″ Retracted) – 10.0 lbs.

CPTS-235* – 35′ Extended Length: 2.22″ Base Diameter (68″ Retracted) – 12.1 lbs.

CPTS-240* – 39′ 6″ Extended Length: 2.38″ Base Diameter (69″ Retracted) – 14.4 lbs.