Switchboard Matting – Class 4

Corrugated Switchboard matting offers protection to workers from harmful or deadly electrical shock. Corrugated Matting is able to shield employees by insulating them against extremely high voltage.

Type: T1C4

Size: 1/2″ x 36″ x 60′

Color: Black

Polymer: SBR/NR (proprietary formula)

Hardness: 60 Shore A (+/- 5)

Tensile strength: 700 PSI

Elongation at break 340%

Specific Gravity: 1.67

Dielectric Test Strength: 50 KV (AC) / 80 KV (DC)

Nominal Maximum Use Voltage: 46.5 KV

Test Criteria: per ASTM D-178

Recommended Maintenance of Switchboard Matting