Safety Rescue Hook Stick


The body rescue hook is an invaluable tool for any workplace used to withdraw an injured worker out of a hazardous area, such as confined spaces, in vaults, near switch gear or electrical cabinets and many other industrial areas.

The hook is constructed of high-strength, vinyl-dipped steel featuring an 18″ wide opening that through snap and lock button connection mounts to a 1.25” O.D. fiberglass pole available in either 6′ or 8′ length.

Each body rescue hook stick is electrically proof tested. Retests are required every two years; must pass a test of 75kV per foot in compliance ASTM F-711 standard specifications.


Part Number 


(Dia. x Length)

Assembled Unit Weight



18” (hook)  x 6’



18” (hook)  x 8’


*Each stick is shipped in two boxes. (Note: we can fit up to six of either style in each shipment). Each hook weighs 5.35 lbs and the 6’ stick is 1.45 lbs and the 8’ stick is 2.1 lbs.

Our two part construction allows for ease in travel to different job sites but also provides immediate and dramatic reduction of logistical freight costs (at one time these costs exceeded unit costs as each had to go via LTL shipment based on dimensional weights).