Cable Ringing Plier / Scoring Tool

It’s back! The raw material forging was discontinued, but we invested in recreating this tool and it is insulated, IN STOCK and ready for service!

These insulated cable scoring pliers are used to cut through exterior cable insulation to facilitate stripping. Extensively used on older underground systems with lead sheathed wires and cables.

     Approx. 8.5″

Max. Jaw Opening:
     Approx. 1.375”

Lifetime guarantee on the mechanical portion of the tool.
Two year guarantee on the insulated portion of the tool.

Cementex Double-insulated Tools:
  • Comply with the IEC 60900 standard
  • Comply with ASTM F1505 standard
  • Help you meet requirements of OSHA Safety Related Work Practices, NFPA 70E Standard and CSA-Z462
Cementex Double-insulated Tools are:
  • Tested to 10,000 VAC and rated for 1,000 VAC when working on live parts (1,500 VDC)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Marked with the international safety symbol – △ 1000V