Arc Suppression Blanket

Available in 15KA or 25KA sized as 4′ x 5′ or 5′ x 8′.

The 15KA blanket is constructed of non-combustible material. It will not ignite and burn even if flame is applied directly to the fabric.

The 25KA blanket is primarily made of FR Kevlar®. Kevlar will burn as long as there is a source of ignition, i.e., flame from arc or burning pieces of insulation.

Store the blanket out of sunlight and keep clean.

Cleaning instructions: DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY CLEAN. Spread blanket on a flat surface or hang open. Hose off with water. Soap, detergent and/or bleach may be used. Hang blanket to air dry. If the blanket is contaminated with oil or grease, a grease remover (i.e. Clorox Formula 409) may be used to release the contaminant, ensure the cleaner is flushed off the blanket and that no residue remains.

There are no industry standards for testing arc suppression blankets, one manufacturer utilized the following method:

A 750 KCMIL cable with a 3mm splice, supported horizontally 2′ off the floor on brackets, was placed 6″ away from a solid vertical wall. The blanket was mounted parallel to and 12″ from the back wall, with the splice 6″ from the back surface of the blanket. The blanket is held in place by straps with adjustable brackets.
To create a fault, a sheetrock screw was screwed into the splice and ground wire connected to the protruding screw. The cable was energized with 13KV with a fault current of 7000A clearing time of 8 cycles.

The purpose of the test in to ensure that the multiple layered arc suppression blanket redirects the energy (thermal and blast) to the sides and up-not out toward the individual. The blanket must not allow the thermal energy to burn through all the layers. It must also not have particles of the splice and molten metal penetrate the blanket. Most of the damage to the blanket is in the general area of the splice, a circle 6″ – 12″ in diameter.