7.5 KV PVC Roll Blanket

PVC-7.5 – 3′ x 30′ Clear PVC Roll

PVC-7.5K – Roll with clamps and storage bag

  • Convenient
  • Flexible and Easy to Cut
  • Low Cost
  • Flame Resistant — Self Extinguishing
  • Flexible to -40°F
  • Complete Visibility

Protect workers from low voltage electrical hazards with insulating material on a roll. This allows workers to custom-cut fit each application at the job site. This minimizes the number of different low voltage blankets sizes and shapes that would otherwise need to be carried from job to job.

Class 1 (7,500v) Clear PVC material permits complete visibility, yet provides the necessary insulating properties meeting ASTM F1742 standards.

It is highly puncture and tear resistant, is flame (self-extinguishing), oil, and ozone resistant. Comes in a convenient 36″ wide roll, 30 feet in length.

No annual retests are required on the Clear PVC Roll Blanket. Sections that have been worn or damaged should be discarded.