Why Cementex?

You will not hear us say, “why not Cementex?”, we will always earn your business. We believe that this is simply fact-based. We are the only insulated tool manufacturer that controls the entire 1000V rating process from design-engineer through finished good with ASTM F1505 labeling. We have the ability to make almost anything that will make getting the job not only safer, but also as efficiently as possible. Marry these capabilities and control measures with unparalleled customer service along with our fast shipping times and we will continue to deliver against your high demands/expectations. Our design-driven control of the manufacturing process along with our significant inventory that allows us to deliver the complete electrical safety solution as you need, these are the hallmarks of our business. We have multiple email aliases in place to ensure you always have a fantastic Cementex experience: submit orders orders@cementexusa.com, quote request rfq@cementexusa.com service related inquiries cs@cementexusa.com, invoicing related inquiries ar@cementexusa.com, and literature requests lit@cementexusa.com.