FR Winterwear


Available in either 61 cal/cm² ATPV Inherently FR Orange Fabric or 70 cal/cm² ATPV FR Treated Brown Duck Cotton in styles sized S-5X:

Hooded Jacket
  • E61WHJ-size
  • E70WHJ-size
Coat* (Parka)
  • E61WCT-size
  • E70wCT-size
Detachable Hood for Coat
  • E61WHD-R or E61WHD-L
  • E70WHD-R or E70WHD-L
Pant (Bib-Overall)
  • E61WPT-size
  • E70WPT-size
  • E61WCVL-size
  • E70WCVL-size
  • E61WV-size
  • E70WV-size

*Hood for Parka is purchased separately.

All style selections feature:
  • Fabrics treated with Durable Water Repellant (DWR)
  • Detachable hoods designed to fit with (L) or without  ® a hard hat
  • Insulation constructed of recycled Inherent FR fiber
  • Flame Retardant (FR) cuffs and trims
  • Zipper made of high temperature plastic on Nomex® tape
  • Covered metal snaps which comply with NFPA 70E requirements